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New trial ordered for Poughkeepsie man convicted of 2018 murder
A Poughkeepsie man convicted of murdering a man in the city will get a new trial. Oba Johnson, 42, was one of two men convicted in the Nov. 5, 2018 shooting death of Jacquain Johnson, with whom he is not related.
People v. Johnson
The People, etc., respondent, v. Oba Johnson, appellant. Eric Shapiro Renfroe, Forest Hills, NY, for appellant. William V. Grady, District Attorney, Poughkeepsie, NY (Kirsten A. Rappleyea of counsel), for respondent.
Animal breeder sentenced to three years probation after Queens jury finds him not guilty of dogfighting-related charges
An animal breeder accused of raising fighting dogs was sentenced Wednesday to just three years probation after a Queens jury decided he wasn’t guilty of canine abuse.
Judge defends decision to send accused cop killer Tyrone Howard to rehab instead of jail Defense Attorney Christopher Renfoe said "we can't indict the program, or say the judge did something wrong. I have several clients who turned their lives around after going through this program."
Gruesome testimony in trial of woman accused of running down Staten Island attorney
In a powerful day of testimony against a woman accused of slamming her speeding vehicle into a noted Staten Island attorney, two witnesses described for the court how severed pieces of the victim's body were thrown into the air after he was struck by the car.
Mujer seguirá en prisión por liposucciones ilegales en Queens
Nieto está acusada de practicar ilegalmente la medicina realizando operaciones sin licencia en el centro de estética y nutrición Perfect Image Stethicks.
Court Hears Witness Alter Testimony in Old Murder
The prisoner sat patiently in Justice Robert C. McGann’s courtroom in Supreme Court in Queens yesterday. A white mesh bag filled with legal files rested at his feet, and the inscription “In God We Trust” loomed over his bowed, shaved head.
Defendant Wins Freedom, but Not Vindication
Joshua Rivera, convicted of a 1992 murder, had his case re-opened after new witnesses came forward. Yesterday he accepted an unusual plea deal.
Cleared of murder conviction, Queens kid ready for life, college after five years in slammer
Ryan Dufort, now 20, was arrested when he was 15 and released five years later on June 15. A Queens teen who spent five years in jail after he was wrongly accused of murder is eager to move on.